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Parsing a contract

When parsing a contract, Sol2Ink will create an ink! trait definition, implementation of this trait, and a contract file from the parsed contract. This contract may include the following:

  • event definitions
  • struct definitions
  • enum definitions
  • function definitions
  • documentation comments
  • state variables
  • constructor
  • modifiers

Parsing a function or a modifier

While parsing a contract, Sol2Ink will also parse all of the mentioned above. We will describe how parsing functions work later. For now we just need to know, that all of these functions will be added to an ink! trait definition of the contract saved in src/traits/ and exposed in src/traits/, then will this trait be implemented in src/impls/ and the implementation file will be exposed in src/impls/ and finally it will generate a contract in contracts/contract_name/ and the dependencies file in contracts/contract_name/Cargo.toml.