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Parsing expressions

Another step of parsing a statement is parsing each expression. Here the program will decide how to parse each expression inside a statement.


  • Literals are parsed without any modifications
  • Specific expressions like address(0), msg.sender or msg.value are parsed in their ink! form
  • Solidity types are converted to Rust/ink! types

Hex values

Expressions like hex"0000_0000_0000_0000" are converted to a call of &hex::decode function.

type(T).f / type(T)

These expressions are parsed as expected, except type is changed to type_of since type is a keyword in rust. This can produce uncompilable code, since type(uint256).max will be parsed as type_of(u128).max instead of u128::MAX, and the developer needs to change this call. We plan on better support for such functions in the future version of Sol2Ink.

All other expressions are parsed as expected:

  • struct initializations
  • function calls
  • arithmetic operations
  • logical operations
  • parentheses

After Sol2Ink parses everything, it will assemble the final ink! contract.