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Known issues

Here is a list of known issues which you may face using Sol2Ink:

Added or fixed in v 2.0.0

  • inability to parse libraries
  • inability to parse uncompilable contracts (since 2.0.0 most cases can be parsed, otherwise Sol2Ink will throw a comprehesive error)
  • calling functions with a value
  • occasional incorrect parsing of selectors within brackets
  • incorrect rewriting of fields inside structs extracted from a mapping
  • incorrectly allowing modifiers to take functions as parameters
  • inability to parse inheritation
  • inability to parse multi-file projects
  • binary operation in a function only performs the reading of the value, not the updating

To be fixed

  • output contracts can be incompilable and need some fixing from the developer (our long-term goal is to make all contracts compilable)
  • Solidity abi functions (encode, decode)
  • Overloading functions is supported in Solidity but not in Rust
  • Functions as parameters

Sol2Ink still needs to walk some path. Every time you use Sol2Ink to transpile your contracts from Solidity to ink!, run the generated code by a human brain to get the best results! If you find any issue, let us know in our Element chat, Discord or simply open an issue in our GitHub repo