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PSP37 Batch

This example shows how you can reuse the implementation of PSP37 token with PSP37Batch extension, which allows batch transferring of PSP37 tokens.

How to use this extension

First, you should implement basic version of PSP37. After you can just add implementation of PSP37Batch via #[openbrush::implementation(PSP37Batch)] attribute.

Final code

#![cfg_attr(not(feature = "std"), no_std, no_main)]

#[openbrush::implementation(PSP37, PSP37Batch)]
pub mod my_psp37 {
use openbrush::traits::Storage;

#[derive(Default, Storage)]
pub struct Contract {
psp37: psp37::Data,

impl Contract {
pub fn new() -> Self {

pub fn mint(&mut self, to: AccountId, ids_amounts: Vec<(Id, Balance)>) -> Result<(), PSP37Error> {
psp37::Internal::_mint_to(self, to, ids_amounts)

And that's it! Your PSP37 is now extended by the PSP37Batch extension and ready to use its functions! You can check an example of the usage of PSP37 Batch.